Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

1. Why do I need 2 passwords?

Take note that as IMENCA and BEC are two separate systems, you will have two separate Passwords.

a. IMENCA and BEC are two separate systems. IMENCA was built to accommodate for, among other services, all the Training and Support required to get optimal use from the evaluation of business opportunities. Each has its own secure portal entry, currently;

i. IMENCA membership level: You will have received an email from IMENCA after you ‘Join Free’.

ii. BEC license you will have received an email from BEC if you book to attend a Course. As always be sure to check your spam/junk folder. Your BEC password is long and difficult to remember. So cut-n-paste.

b. Your Usernames will both be identical for both the website and the BEC Application that is accessible from within the website, as both systems use your email address. So for simplicity, after you log-in to each system, change your passwords, so that they also match. 

2. Why must I be a Member before booking a course or commencing a coaching program?

a. The Membership System log-in is managed separately to the IMENCA services

systems adding to the level of security surrounding your business model design,

opportunity evaluations and business plans.

3. Why can’t I buy a B E C license without doing the training?

a. Trained users of business evaluation calculus (B E C) achieve very high levels of inter-

rater consistency. Without the training, different users rate the same situations too

inconsistently, completely undermining the benefits of the B E C.

4. When will you have training and coaching available in my area?

a. Approximately twice each year, additional Accredited Coaches are planned. The

next Accreditation Program is planned for June 2015. Interest from Australia, New

Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, Singapore and Oman sits at the head of the

queue with additional locations to be added as opportunity and demand dictate.

5. What’s the difference between IMENCA and B E C?

a. IMENCA is the company, B E C one of our products. IMENCA and BEC are two separate systems. They will both use your email address as the username but they will initially use different passwords.

6. How is IMENCA different to other innovation and entrepreneurship services?

a. IMENCA’s mission is focussed on entrepreneurship and its role

in any innovation system. IMENCA is grounded in the Hindle Model  and utilizes evidence

based research in the development of all its IP and services.

7. Help me the system is broken and I can't log-in

a. Read General Questions Number 1: WHY DO I NEED 2 PASSWORDS? Chances are you are trying to log-in with the wrong password. You have a 50% chance of getting this right with sheer luck alone, so please be patient and try again.

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